New Work

"An artist is a man of action, whether he creates a personality, invents an expedient, or finds the issue of a complicated situation."

-Joseph Conrad

Found Objects & Recovered Materials

Teeter Totems

Teeter Totems
are garden art made from recycled materials; what we artists call 'found objects'. The basic 'body' is part of a discarded teeter totter, rescued from the scrap heap at a local park. The body is then decorated with other found objects, mostly metal, including nails, screws, doorknobs, car parts and bottlecaps. Click Here for more information and pics. Teeter Totems will be available at this year's Cracked Pots Edgefield show. Come See Me There July 24 & 25!

Lumber Boat

Click Here for in-progress and other pics
Done as a commission received through my connections with Cracked Pots, Lumber Boat is made from rescued lumber.

Northwest Business for Culture & the Arts (NW/BCA) is an organization whose mission is to increase business funding for arts and culture. Every year they have an awards breakfast to honor those local businesses which make outstanding donations to local arts organizations and artists. This last year NW/BCA allowed cracked pots board member Steve Cox to team artists who work in recycled materials with companies that have refuse to offer. I was teamed with Hampton Affiliates, a local lumber company headed by the late John Hampton; a very strong supporter of the arts. What Hampton Affiliates had to offer was lumber that had sat out in their yard too long and was unfit for sale.

The cut ends of this kind of lumber have beautiful light and dark rings. When cut and assembled they form a marvelous mosaic of curves and arcs. To make Lumber Boat, I cut literally hundreds of small chunks of the wood with a slight angle on each side, then used glue and nails to assemble them into arcs. The arcs were then attached side by side. The prow and stern were created in much the same way, only with longer sticks of the wood. Finally I used a body grinder to blend and smooth all the surfaces together, then put on a coat of wax.

This piece was presented at the NW/BCA awards breakfast held on November 4th, 2005 at the Governor Hotel. Click Here for more information on this program.


OCAC Thesis Work 2002-2003

        Thesis Paper             
2001 - NFS

This reliquary holds a poem my father wrote for his mother in 1942. For more information about this work,
click here.

Various woods including Mahogany, Canarywood and Cherry, Hand dyed and silkscreened cloth and silk organza, Van Dyke and Cyanotype process images on silk.

54"l x 16"w x 25"h

Ship Of Dreams
2001 - $3500

A chest of drawers containing entries from my dream journal. For more information and detail images of this work,
click here.

Ash, Mahogany, Khaya, Cypress, Gold Leaf, Brass, Paper, Ink, Paraffin

83"h x 21"w x 13"d

A Clock For Quixote

If Don Quixote were your grandfather, this would be his clock. For more information about this work and the auction at which it was sold,
click here

Mahogany, Gold Leaf, Brass Hardware, Heimle weight driven chime movement

approx. 85"h x 24"w x 18"d

Ship Of Dreams Chair
2002 - NFS

A chair for snoozing, For more information and detail images of this work,
click here

Santos Mahogany, White Oak, Silicon Bronze Hardware, Baltic Birch Plywood, fabric, upholstery, artificial sinew.

approx. 76"h x 22"w x 48"d

Other New Work

Library Lamp

This solid wood lamp with classic lines features a strip of bottle green perspex in the rim, which transmits the light. It is a library type lamp, casting most of it's light straight down for reading without brightening the whole room. Two compact flourescent bulbs produce the equivalent of 65 watts of light each while using only 11 watts each, and they should last years before needing replacement.

Honduran Mahogany, Santos Mahogany, perspex, Brass Hardware.

23"h x 17.5" dia.

The Scorpion
2000 - $1500

I wanted a table to reflect my interest in music. This one was an interesting exploration of bentwood lamination, and my first piece to incorporate poly-chromed parts. The color is actually very similar to the turquoise of a late '50's Thunderbird.

Mahogany, Maple, Ebony, Poplar, Silver Leaf, guitar strings.

57"h x 18"w x 31"d


In a way, this small piece served as a study for "A Clock For Quixote", as I was exploring the flexibility of this type of structure and the design of fanciful sails.

Balsa, Poplar, Walnut, Rice Paper, Gold Leaf, Milk Paint.

29"h x 24"w x 16"d

Roxanne's Martini Closet

This tall cabinet is a commission piece. It features 8 small doors opening onto 4 shelves at the top. The top 3 shelves have hangers for wine (or martini!) glasses. The door panes are yellow glass, and the staggered knobs are hand-crafted ceramic kitty heads. The open bottom section features a wine rack and the bottom shelf is a marble slab.

Canarywood, Santos Mahogany, Walnut Burl, Copper, Marble, Glass, Ceramic, Brass Hardware.

approx. 72"h x 18"w x 13"d

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