The Back Story

R Michael Torrey began his musical career at a very young age, torturing family members with repeated renditions of Broadway show tunes, Gilbert and Sullivan ditties and popular songs of the day. They all swore he had no talent whatsoever and tried to interest him in the less-challenging fields of brain surgery, cow punching, or astronaut and they still hint that it might not be too late.
Having doubts about his musical abilities, Michael took up the drums thinking there was no real need for musical talent, practice or stage presence. He became involved in what can only be described as an ongoing musical project band. "We held the record for practicing more and performing less than any other band in town, and were famous for our constantly evolving membership," says Michael. "Our big break came when we played at the Junior High Dance in 1970, where our rendition of "I'm Your Captain" is probably still being discussed with awe even today." Well, maybe not, but some of these guys are still making music back there in New York and Boston.
In the 1970's he participated in numerous bands, and several successful duos. Micheal settled in Florida where he developed a small but loyal following. He played every open mic he could find, and gained recognition when he won a radio station's music contest, the prize being time in a recording studio.
One of the songs he recorded in these sessions was called Over Now which features backup vocals by long-time collaborator, Mary Truchelut.
For several years, Michael performed at private functions and weddings.
In the 1980's he found himself living in Santa Cruz, California, married and working at a regular job but the urge to make music was strong and he satisfied this love by performing at the famous Charlie Tweddle's Open Mic night in Santa Cruz, and playing for major community and public events such as the Wharf to Wharf Race.
Michael purchased one of the first 4 track cassette recorders in 1985. Over the next few years he became involved in the Home Tapers movement, making friends and collaborating with Don Campau of No Pigeonholes fame, and then with Eric Muhs. Michael began recording with Eric Muhs and they collaborated on numerous projects, such as Ant & Bee, and eventually formed the performance band Mata Rata with Charles Laurel and David Townley. Mata Rata performed at several Santa Cruz venues, as well as live at KZSC, (UC Santa Cruz) and at the KKUP studios in Cupertino, live for Don's radio show, No Pigeonholes.

Mata Rata
Charles Laurel - David Townley - Myself - Eric Muhs
In 1990 he moved to Portland, Oregon and released the "Love & Happiness" Cassette Album, recently reissued as a CD.
In 1999 Michael returned to art school and the combination of art and music, lead to more writing, recording and playing. This culminated in the release of his first all-original, all-acoustic CD; Heart To Stone.This album represents some of Michael's best work and is available at this website,
Michael graduated art school with honors in accurate recognition of his creative genius. He continues to write and perform and pursue his life mission of bringing beauty, insight and inspiration to others through music, art and relationsip. Inspired by the love of an amazing woman, and fortified by the teachings of The Way Of The Heart, an organization committed to helping people fulfill their Heart's call and true potential, Michael is more productive and active than ever. He is in the studio recording a new album and performing regularly.

-Nov 2009